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An Evidence-Based Government 

Stablishing a government that works on the basis of research, data and facts and is immune from the pressure of lobbyists.    


Your Tax Dollars Back to You!

Stop the “Tax Giveaways”: Tax dollars belong to public education,
public amenities and services, NOT in the pocket of multi-million dollar
developments with no public benefit.


Stop incentivizing congested & unaffordable apartments

Apartments where the master plan allows for them. Stop destruction of neighborhoods and quality of life by unftiting and overcrowded apartments    


Support Public Safety

Quality of Life in OP is in direct relationship with public safety. I have been supporting our first responders by my VOTES and continue. I attempted to restore their pay cut and establish a "hazard pay" for them in 2020. Beyond words, actions matter the most!  

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Support Public Education

Stop the current attack on public education by preserving public school's share of property tax dollars. Every unjustified property tax write-off to multi-million dollar developments takes money out of the budget of our public schools and Johnson county community college. This threatens the future of our children


Enhance the Voice of the People 

Formation of:

Advisory council on Aging
Advisory council on Heritage
Advisory council on Inclusivity

Advisory council on Community Action 
Advisory council on Workforce housing

Advisory council on Health

Office of media relations 


Support Small and Locally owned businesses

In order to strengthen our local economy, we need to support our small, local and minority owned businesses. OP has a lot of room to grow in this regards and it starts with prioritizing businesses when we can do so.

Promote Earth-friendly Policies 

The time has arrived to put an end to policies which threaten the nature of our city, its tree-friendly features and maintenance of our parks. It's also time to establish real pro-environment policies beyond empty rhetoric including water conservation.    


Prevent increase in property tax (mill levy)
No Toll on HW69-End Chipseal

Simple and clear policies:

1-No increase in property taxes (mill levy) but good stewardship of existing tax revenues and fiscal conservancy.

2-No toll on Highway 69: Expansion: Yes, Toll: No! 

3-End the health and safety hazard known as Chipseal!

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